One woman. One truck. One dream.

In early 2016, a group of friends gathered for a curry and one of them had an idea. The others rolled their eyes – they had heard many an idea before. But this one was different. This one stuck.

The woman with an idea was Nadia. The idea was Meraki: the UK’s first mobile gift shop. Four months after that curry night, the truck was ready.

Building on the popularity of artisan food vans and the growing desire to shop in person, up close and personal, Nadia created Meraki to house beautiful, original gifts.

Her lifelong ability to find the perfect gift (and to help friends and family do the same) meant she already knew some of the original ideas she wanted to stock. And when she wanted something different and couldn’t find it, she started creating things herself.

Meraki is a Greek word meaning the soul, creativity and love you put into your work. It describes Nadia’s Grandma perfectly, and bringing her spirit to Nadia’s dream has always felt so right.

These days, the Meraki gift truck is – of course – packed full of soul, creativity and love.

Join us on our journey to make this dream happen. We travel throughout London and the UK to provide gorgeous gifts at markets, fairs and events, and our gift truck is also available to hire for other small indie brands.

Let’s do this!